Molecular mechanisms of long non-coding RNAs in anaplastic thyroid cancer: A systematic review

Hilda Samimi, Sayed Mahmoud Sajjadi-Jazi, Soroush Seifirad, Rasha Atlasi, Habibollah Mahmoodzadeh, Mohammad Ali Faghihi, Vahid Haghpanah

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Background: anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is one of the most lethal and aggressive cancers. Evidence has shown that the tumorigenesis of ATC is a multistep process involving the accumulation of genetic and epigenetic changes. Several studies have suggested that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) may play an important role in the development and progression of ATC. In this article, we have collected the published reports about the role of lncRNAs in ATC. Methods: "Scopus", "Web of Science", "PubMed", "Embase", etc. were systematically searched for articles published since 1990 to 2020 in English language, using the predefined keywords. Results: 961 papers were reviewed and finally 33 papers which fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected. Based on this systematic review, among a lot of evidences on examining the function of lncRNAs in thyroid cancer, there are only a small number of studies about the role of lncRNAs and their molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of ATC. Conclusions: lncRNAs play a crucial role in regulation of different processes involved in the development and progression of ATC. Currently, just a few lncRNAs have been identified in ATC that may serve as prognosis markers such as GAS5, MIR22HG, and CASC2. Also, because of the dysregulation of Klhl14-AS, HOTAIRM1, and PCA3 during ATC development and progression, they may act as therapeutic targets. However, for most lncRNAs, only a single experiment has evaluated the expression profile in ATC tissues/cells. Therefore, further functional studies and expression profiling is needed to resolve this limitation and identify novel and valid biomarkers.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number352
JournalCancer Cell International
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jul 29 2020


  • Anaplastic thyroid cancer
  • Cancer stem cell
  • Long non-coding RNA
  • Oncogene
  • Systematic review
  • Tumor suppressor

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