Molecular analyses of the IGS and ITS regions of rDNA of the psychrophilic yeasts in the genus Mrakia

Mara R. Diaz, Jack W. Fell

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Species of the genus Mrakia are currently classified as synonyms based on molecular sequence analyses of the large sub-unit ribosomal DNA (LrDNA). Physiological and protein electrophoretic studies, however, reveal possible species differences. To clarify this discrepancy, we undertook molecular sequence analyses of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and intergenic spacer (IGS) regions of rDNA from the four psychrophilic Mrakia species and the psychrophilic yeast, Cryptococcus curiosus. Identical ITS sequences were found between C. curiosus, M. nivalis and M. frigida. Although, M. stokesii and M. gelida displayed identical ITS and IGS sequences, their sequences differed from the other three species by 2.3% and 38%, respectively. The results suggest that M. stokesii is a synonym of M. gelida, whereas M. nivalis is a synonym of M. frigida. Sequence differences (1.9%) observed in the IGS region indicates that C. curiosus is a distinct strain of M. frigida.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)7-12
Number of pages6
JournalAntonie van Leeuwenhoek, International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2000



  • Cryptococcus curiosus
  • Intergenic spacer (IGS)
  • Internal transcribed spacer (ITS)
  • Mrakia species
  • Nucleotide sequence analysis
  • Psychrophile

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