Measurements of the summer surface heat budget of the Northeast Water Polynya in 1992

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A research cruise of the Polar Sea to the Northeast Water Polynya (NEWP), off the eastern coast of Greenland was made from mid-July to mid-August of 1992. The surface heat budget of the polynya derived from these measurements is presented and is shown to be dominated by the net radiation, with a mean value of 133 W m-2, when calculated over the duration of the cruise. The short-wave insolation was high during the days with clear skies, reaching over 500 W m-2 at noon and dropping to about 75 W m-2 during the sunlit, polar night, with a mean value of 197 W m-2. In comparison, the mean value of the incident long-wave radiation is 267 W m-2. -Author

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JournalJournal of Geophysical Research
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StatePublished - 1995
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