Measurements of the permeability of the upper oceanic crust at hole 395A, ODP Leg 109

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An inflatable drill-string packer was used to measure the in situ bulk permeability of two zones within the 571m of 7.3Ma old crustal section overlain by 93m of sediment in Hole 395A. During Leg 78B, Hickman et al. (1984a) measured a very low permeability for the section 583-664mbsf, about 10-18-10-17m2. The results indicate that the bulk permeability of the section 396-606 mbsf is of the order of 10-14m2. Thus, with the exception of the impermeable zone measured by Hickman et al. (1984a), most of the basement section cored in Hole 395A is quite permeable, and would support active hydrogeological processes. -from Author

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