Measurements of the permeability of the sheeted dikes in Hole 504B, ODP Leg 111

K. Becker

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An inflatable drill-string packer was used to measure the in-situ bulk permeability of two zones within the sheeted dikes that comprise the deepest 500-600 m of the hole. Previous measurements had shown that the upper 200 m of pillow lavas in the hole is fairly permeable, at about 10-14-10-13 m2. In contrast, Anderson et al. (1985a, 1985b) measured a much lower bulk permeability of about 10-17 m2 over an interval of >700 m that includes the deeper 400 m of extrusives and the upper 300 m of sheeted dikes. Results indicate that the sheeted dikes have bulk permeabilities on the order of 10-18 to 10-17 m2, comparable to the value measured by Anderson et al. (1985a, 1985b) in the deeper extrusives and upper sheeted dikes. Thus, except for the permeable upper 200 m of pillow lavas, most of the 1287.8 m of basaltic basement cored in Hole 504B is relatively impermeable. -from Author

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