Massage and music therapies attenuate frontal EEG asymmetry in depressed adolescents

Nancy Aaron Jones, Tiffany Field

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EEG asymmetry, specifically greater relative right frontal activation, is associated with negative affect. Depressed adults show stable patterns of this asymmetry. The present study assessed the effects of massage therapy and music therapy on frontal EEG asymmetry in depressed adolescents. Thirty adolescents with greater relative right frontal EEG activation and symptoms of depression were given either massage therapy (n = 14) or music therapy (n = 16). EEG was recorded for three-minute periods before, during, and after therapy. Frontal EEG asymmetry was significantly attenuated during and after the massage and music sessions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)529-534
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Issue number135
StatePublished - Sep 1999
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