Managerial responses to an aging municipal workforce

Jonathan P. West, Evan M. Berman

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The concept of human capital emphasizes that employees are key organizational assets and that significant returns can be realized from investments in human potential (Becker 1993; Carnevale 1995; Hornbeck and Salamon 1991). There is a growing recognition on the part of those who analyze human capital that older workers are an important resource and that substantial organizational investments already have been made to help mature employees achieve their potential (Redwood 1990; Rosow 1990; Savoie 1990; NAB 1985; Robinson et al. 1985; Sterns et al. 1994; Lawler et al. 1993). To derive demonstrable returns on organizational human capital investments managers must give increased attention to the strategic management of older workers.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2016
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