Lipid mobilizing hormones of the hypothalamus and pituitary

A. J. Kastin, T. W. Redding, R. Hall, G. M. Besser, A. V. Schally

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Lipid mobilizing substances (LMS) are present in the hypothalamus and pituitary of mammals and probably are involved in the central neural control of obesity. Most of these have direct lipolytic effects, like lipid mobilizing factor (LMF) and LH RH from the hypothalamus as well as lipoprotein (LPH), melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH), corticotropin (ACTH), and growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland. Some of the substances, like GH release inhibiting hormone (GH RIH), affect lipolysis by secondary actions on pancreatic hormones such as insulin and glucagon. Other hypothalamic hormones, like GH releasing hormone (GH RH) may influence lipolysis secondarily through the pituitary hormones (e.g. GH) whose release they control. Regardless of how lipid mobilization is affected, investigations into the problem of obesity should take these LMS into consideration.

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Issue number1 Sup.
StatePublished - 1975
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