Lectin-detectable effects of localized pneumonia on airway mucous cell populations: Role of cyclooxygenase metabolites

Andrew T. Mariassy, Micheal N. McCray, Isabel T. Lauredo, William W Abraham, Adam Wanner

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We examined the airway secretory apparatus of adult sheep with experimental pneumonia to look for morphologic and lectin-binding correlates of increased mucus production. The animals were inoculated in the right caudal lobar bronchus either with starch broth containing Pasteurella haemolytica (INF, n = 6), starch broth alone (SHAM, n = 6), or with P. haemolytica and subsequently treated (INF/T, n = 5) with 2 mg/kg indomethacin, subcutaneously three times daily for 6 days. In the INF and INF/T groups, a localized pneumonic infiltrate containing P. haemolytica organisms was present. The bronchi (18-23rd generation) adjacent to the pneumonic lesion had an increased gland volume fraction (6.3 ' 3.7% in INF, 11.3 ' 2.4% in INF/T, and 3.1 ' 1.9% in SHAM, p < 0.05 among the three). The mean population densities of BSA-reactive (identifying αV-gal) cells were 41.9 ' 2.7% in the INF, 40.1 ' 5.6% in the INF/T, versus 14.3 ' 1.5% in the SHAM group (p < 0.05), while the corresponding values for PNA-reactive [identifying βD-gal(1→ 3)-D-galNAc] cells were 28.8 ' 5.1% 0% and 0% respectively. Nor morphologic abnormalities were seen in the trachea, but BSA staining was shifted to morphologically different mucous cells in the INF and INF/T. We conclude that in localized P. haemolytica pneumonia in sheep (1) there are morphologic changes of the airway secretory apparatus adjacent to the lesion, (2) the glycoconjugate profile of secretory cells adjacent to and remote from the lesion is altered, and (3) cyclooxygenase products influence the chemical composition of secretory cells.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)113-137
Number of pages25
JournalExperimental Lung Research
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 1989

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