Late Cenozoic dolomites of the Bahamas: metastable analogues for the genesis of ancient platform dolomites

V. C. Vahrenkamp, P. K. Swart

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The petrographic and geochemical characteristics of a more than 80 m thick sequence of shallow-burial Late Cenozoic dolomites from Little Bahamas Bank (LBB), northern Bahamas, indicate that these dolomites are seawater-derived and partially metastable. Maturation of the metastable dolomites from LBB during future diagenesis may cause evolution of petrographic and geochemical signatures to those typical of many ancient dolomite sequences. Hence, Late Cenozoic dolomites of the Bahamas can be used as analogues for the genesis of many ancient platform dolomites. -from Authors

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1994
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