Laser principles

Inja Bogdan Allemann, Joely Kaufman

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Since the construction of the first laser in the 1960s, the role that lasers play in various medical specialities, including dermatology, has steadily increased. However, within the last 2 decades, the technological advances and the use of lasers in the field of dermatology have virtually exploded. Many treatments have only become possible with the use of lasers. Especially in aesthetic medicine, lasers are an essential tool in the treatment armamentarium. Due to better research and understanding of the physics of light and skin, there is now a wide and increasing array of different lasers and devices to choose from. The proper laser selection for each indication and treatment requires a profound understanding of laser physics and the basic laser principles. Understanding these principles will allow the laser operator to obtain better results and help avoid complications. This chapter will give an in-depth overview of the physical principles relevant in cutaneous laser surgery.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationBasics in Dermatological Laser Applications
EditorsInja Bogdan Allemann, David Goldberg
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StatePublished - Aug 1 2011

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NameCurrent Problems in Dermatology
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