Jonathan Edwards, the Bible, and conversion

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David W. Kling explores the exegetical foundations of Jonthan Edwards' understanding of conversion. Given the importance of revivalism in Edwards' career, one cannot deny the preeminent place of conversion in his thought and preaching. Yet fundamental to that doctrine was Scripture's teaching on the nature of conversion. Kling probes this topic by treating the role of the Bible in Edwards' own conversion, distinct as it was from the reigning model in his tradition; by considering the place of conversion in Edwards' discussion of the revivals; and by examining the intersection of Scripture and conversion in three representative awakening sermons. In Edwards' view, the Bible taught that conversion is real, that it transforms not only the soul but also the body, and that it involves both a "first conversion" and an ongoing process.

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Title of host publicationJonathan Edwards and Scripture
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StatePublished - Apr 19 2018


  • Awakening sermons
  • Conversion
  • Exegesis
  • Exegetical foundations
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Revivalism
  • Revivals

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