Intraocular Pressure Control following Phacoemulsification in Eyes with Pre-existing Aurolab Aqueous Drainage Implant (AADI)

Hiruni Kaushalya Wijesinghe, George Varghese Puthuran, Pradeep Yammanuru Ramulu, Arvin Kurian Ponnat, Madhan Mohan Reddy, Iswarya Mani, Subbaiah Ramasamy Krishnadas, Steven Jon Gedde

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Purpose: To investigate intraocular pressure (IOP) control after phacoemulsification in adult glaucomatous eyes with a functioning non-valved Aurolab Aqueous Drainage Implant (AADI) compared to eyes that did not have cataract extraction post AADI. Methods: In this retrospective study, we reviewed records of 47 patients (47 eyes) who had a clear-corneal phacoemulsification after AADI placement with a minimum of 2 years of follow up. The control group included 89 patients (89 eyes) who had a functional AADI at 1 year, minimum of 3 years of follow up post AADI implantation, and no cataract extraction. The main outcome measure was failure (IOP >21▒mmHg or increased by >20% from pre-phacoemulsification level requiring at least 1 additional glaucoma medication, IOP ≤5▒mmHg, reoperation for glaucoma, or loss of light perception vision). Results: The median interval between AADI and phacoemulsification was 11.5 months (range: 4-68▒mo), and the mean follow up time after phacoemulsification was 35.6±6.4 months. The cumulative probability of failure was 14% (95% CI=6-31%) in the phaco group and 6% (95% C I=3-13%) in the control group at 2-years (P=0.11). Mean IOP was reduced from 16.5±4.5▒mmHg preoperatively to 15.4±4.7▒mmHg at 2 years after phacoemulsification (P=0.10). Mean LogMAR visual acuity improved from 1.1±0.6 preoperatively to 0.6±0.7 at 2 years after phacoemulsification (P<0.001). Conclusions: In eyes with a pre-existing AADI, phacoemulsification resulted in visual improvement without a significant rise in IOP or increased risk of AADI failure after 2 years follow up.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of glaucoma
StateAccepted/In press - 2021


  • glaucoma drainage devices
  • intraocular pressure
  • phacoemulsification

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