Interstitial-water chemistry and diagenesis of periplatform sediments from the Bahamas, ODP Leg 101

P. K. Swart, M. Guzikowski

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Concentrations of dissolved Ca2+, Sr2+, Mg2+, SO2-4, and alkalinity were measured in pore waters squeezed from sediments taken from ODP Holes in the Florida Straits; north of Little Bahama Bank; in Exuma Sound; and in Northeast Providence Channel. These data are compared with the mineralogy and strontium content of the sediments from which the waters were squeezed. Contrasts in the geochemical profiles suggest that significantly different processes govern pore-water signatures at each group of sites. We suggest that the pore-water chemistry in these deposits is principally controlled by diagenetic reactions occurring within each sequence. The location and extent of carbonate diagenesis can be estimated from dissolved Sr2+ profiles. The rates of recrystallization we calculate are lower than those found in some DSDP pelagic sites. As the waters throughout most of the holes are saturated with respect to SrSO4, celestite precipitation may cause erroneously low Sr2+ production rates and, consequently, low calculated rates of recrystallization. We therefore encourage only the discriminate use of Sr2+ profiles in the quantification of diagenetic processes. -from Authors

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JournalUnknown Journal
StatePublished - 1988

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