International community psychology: History and theories

Stephanie M. Reich, Manuel Riemer, Isaac Prilleltensky, Maritza Montero

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Community psychology (CP) has a rich history and presence internationally that many people may not be aware of. Today's increasingly global environment encourages reviewing the world-wide goals and practices of CP. The desire to promote collective well-being clearly transcends geographical boundaries. The goal of developing a global perspective and discourse between countries has been delayed by the lack of a single, accessible source for information. This book provides the first in-depth guide to global community psychology research and practice, history and development, theories and innovations, presented in one field-defining volume. Included are contributions from countries with long histories of oppression, social movements, and political turmoil; long-time democracies and former dictatorships. Fully-formed CP establishments compare with fledgling ventures into the field. The contributors document the complex relationships between CP and ideological currents, other strands of psychology and social science, cultural and historical traditions, and economic developments. The goals of this book are several: Promote international collaboration Enhance theory utilization and development Identify biases and barriers in the field Accrue critical mass for a discipline that is often marginalized Minimize the pervasive US-centric view of the field Practitioners and researchers will find in International Community Psychology new perspectives on the communities they serve. As a text for advanced and graduate-level courses, it depicts a robust field with a legitimate mission. When concepts of community-and sometimes even of psychology-may not always translate from one nation to the next, this book provides a world of needed context.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherSpringer US
Number of pages443
ISBN (Print)9780387494999
StatePublished - Dec 1 2007

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