Insula: Neuroanatomy, functions and clinical disorders

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Recent work in cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, psychiatry and neurology has implicated the insular cortex in a variety of functions, ranging from low-level perceptual and basic sensory processes to high-level cognitive processes including attention and cognitive control. Given the multitude of functions supported by this diverse brain region, it is imperative for clinicians and scientists to have a resource summarizing the current literature. This volume includes a collection of chapters from leaders in the field. A detailed neuroanatomy of the human insular cortex is described, including what is known about its connectivity profile and pattern of interactions with other brain regions. The functional profile of the insula is reviewed, with a particular emphasis on information that is critical for clinicians to keep in mind. Scientists at all levels, from graduate students with a growing interest in the enigmatic insular cortex, to research scientists who have been actively studying this region for their entire careers, will find this volume to be a useful and concise resource.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2014
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