Instituciones y desarrollo: UNA revision conceptual

Translated title of the contribution: Institutions and development: A conceptual review

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This paper reviews the concept of "institutions", as utilized in the recent economic literatures on firms and national development and notes its limitations. An alternative framework is proposed which draws on classic and contemporary sociological theory to overcome some of these problems, positioning the concept of institutions in relation to other basic elements of culture and social structure. This framework is then put into motion to analyze the failure of attempts to transplant institutions of developed countries into the global South and the dynamics of massive privatization in Mexico. The bearing of this framework on current institutional theories of social change is examined, leading to the identification of sources of change at different levels of causal significance and scope. This modified theory of change is applied to the longstanding demographic debates on historical and institutional determinants of fertility transitions. The bearing of the proposed thick institutionalist framework for social theory and future development policies is discussed.

Translated title of the contributionInstitutions and development: A conceptual review
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JournalDesarrollo Economico
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StatePublished - Jan 2007
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