Innovations in cultural policy and development in Latin America

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This essay looks at two major tendencies in cultural policy recommendations in Latin America: (1) the economic contribution of arts, heritage and especially the cultural and creative industries; and (2) cultural rights, with a focus on inclusion, access, empowerment, and the integral development/well-being of citizens. The two tendencies, which are part of cultural development policies, are not easily integrated into an all-encompassing policy because they follow different logics and management strategies. Nevertheless, both of these tendencies, which emerged in the heyday of neoliberalism (the 1990s), continue to provide the major justifications for cultural funding, although the current economic crisis has led to budget cuts. After a review of cultural development policies, this essay examines innovative strategies to compensate for scarce funding, including those that seek to bridge both tendencies. The cases examined below correspond to discussions of cultural policies in Latin American forums with hundreds of policy-makers and analysts over the past 20-plus years. Abbrevation: BBC ? British Broadcasting Corporation; CadenAgro - Centro de Apoyo para el Desarrollo de Denominaciones de Origen y Sellos de Calidad de Productos Agroalimentarios; CCI ? Cultural and Creative Industries; CEDE ? Centro de Estudios de Desarrollo Económico; CMD ? Centro de Diseño Metropolitano; CVC ? Cultura Viva Comunitaria; ECLAC ? Economic Commission for Latin America; ILO ? International Labor Organization; IMF ? International Monetary Fund; MDG ? Millennium Development Goals; MDG-F ? Millennium Development Goals Fund; MICA ? Mercado de Industrias Creativas de Argentina; MICSUR ? Mercado de Industrias Culturales del Sur; MSME ? Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises; SEGIB ? Secretaría General Iberoamericana; SELA ? Latin American Economic System; UCLG ? United Cities and Local Governments; UNCTAD ? United Nations Conference on Trade and Development; UNDP ? United Nations Development Programl; UNESCO ? United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; US ? United States of America.

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JournalInternational Journal of Cultural Policy
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StatePublished - Sep 3 2018


  • creative industries
  • cultural development
  • intersectorial collaboration
  • living community culture
  • sustainability

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