Initial hearing preservation outcomes of cochlear implantation with a slim perimodiolar electrode array

Erika Woodson, Rebecca Chota Nelson, Molly Smeal, Thomas Haberkamp, Sarah Sydlowski

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Objective: To assess the slim modiolar array as a hearing preservation electrode. Methods: Retrospective chart review of adult, post-lingual CI recipients implanted with slim modiolar array Sept 2016 to July 2017 in a tertiary referral center. Baseline audiograms were obtained within six months of initial CI evaluation. Patients with low frequency pure tone average (LFPTA) (125, 250, 500 Hz) <80 dB were considered HP candidates. Postoperative audiograms were obtained within 48 h before activation. Successful HP was considered as (1) retention of LFPTA threshold <80 dB and (2) change in threshold from pre- to post-operative. Results: Sixty-three patients received the slim perimodiolar array and 42 were HP candidates. Post-operative audiograms were obtained for 39 of 42 patients an average of 28.92 days after surgery. 56.4% of HP candidates retainedLFPTA <80 dB. Mean ΔLFPTA was 24.15 dB (±16.14; p < 0.001). 56.4% of HP candidates experienced Δ LFPTA <20 dB; 69.2% <30 dB. Functional hearing preservation was more successful in lower frequencies where starting thresholds were better–78% with LFPTA <50 dB retained serviceable hearing at activation. The postoperative change was similar in each low frequency (Δ125 Hz: mean 21.25 +/− 14.76 (N = 28); Δ250 Hz: 26.28 +/− 19.29 (N = 39); Δ500 Hz: 25.00 +/− 17.73 (N = 39)). Conclusions: The slim perimodiolar array is moderately effective at immediate hearing preservation. In subjects with preoperative audiometric profiles similar to those in prior EAS trials, immediate HP is comparable.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)148-156
Number of pages9
JournalCochlear implants international
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2021
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