Inflammatory lesions of the groin: Ultrasonic evaluation

M. A. Sandler, M. B. Alpern, B. L. Madrazo, K. F. Gitschlag

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Sonograms of 72 patients with pain and swelling in the groin due to intravenous drug abuse were reviewed, together with 2 cases which were due to trauma. There were 27 abscesses, 36 cases of cellulitis or thrombophlebitis, 7 cases of lymphadenopathy, 3 hematomas, and 1 pseudoaneurysm. Most abscesses presented as distinct masses, while cellulitis was seen most often as soft-tissue swelling. However, 5 abscesses were manifested sonographically as diffuse soft-tissue swelling without a distinct mass, while 8 cases of cellulitis appeared as a mass. In most cases, ultrasound was able to distinguish diseases requiring surgery or percutaneous drainage from those that should respond to medical therapy. In some cases, percutaneous aspiration and/or follow-up sonograms after antibiotic therapy will be necessary for a specific diagnosis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)747-750
Number of pages4
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jan 1 1984
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