In vivo quantification of cochlin in glaucomatous DBA/2J mice using optical coherence tomography

Jianhua Wang, Ayman Aljohani, Teresia Carreon, Giovanni Gregori, Sanjoy K Bhattacharya

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The expression of cochlin in the trabecular meshwork (TM) precedes the clinical glaucoma symptoms in DBA/2J mice. The ability to quantify cochlin in the local tissue (TM) offers potential diagnostic and prognostic values. We present two (spectroscopic and magnetomotive) optical coherence tomography (OCT) approaches for in vivo cochlin quantification in a periodic manner. The cochlin-antibody OCT signal remains stable for up to 24 hours as seen at 3.5 hours after injection allowing for repeated quantification in the living mouse eyes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number11092
JournalScientific Reports
StatePublished - Jun 5 2015


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