In-situ bulk permeability of oceanic gabbros in Hole 735B, ODP Leg 118

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An inflatable drill-string packer was used at the end of Leg 118 to measure the bulk in-situ permeability of four intervals within the 500 m of 12-m.y.-old gabbros of oceanic layer 3 cored in Hole 735B. The packer was inflated six times successively, at depths of 49, 47, 389, 299, 223, and again 223 mbsf, to determine the average permeabilities of the respective intervals between the respective inflation depths and the bottom of the hole. Two of these inflations were essentially repeated tests to verify the packer seal and apparent indications of relatively high permeability below 49 and 223 mbsf. -from Author

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1991
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