Immunotherapy of sarcomas

John M. Goldberg

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To describe the current advances in immunotherapy and how they can be applied to sarcoma. This review will discuss the recent literature and selected clinical trials. Evidence supporting treatment with immunotherapy alone in sarcoma will be reviewed, as will the potential incorporation of immunotherapy into treatment for sarcoma. RECENT FINDINGS: Sarcoma, cancer of the connective tissues, frequently strikes young people, comprising a large percentage of cancer in children and young adults, but may occur at any age. Although molecularly targeted inhibitors are of great interest in treating sarcoma patients, immunotherapy is emerging as a plausible therapeutic modality because of the recent advances in other cancer types that may be translated to sarcoma. The licensing of ipilimumab and sipuleucel-T for cancer, and the remarkable success of immunotherapy for some childhood cancers, suggest a role for immunotherapy in the treatment of tumors like sarcoma. SUMMARY: Sarcoma is a disease for which new treatments are needed. Immunotherapies have different mechanisms of action from most current therapies and could work in concert with them. Recent advances in sarcoma biology and cancer immunotherapy suggest that our knowledge of the immune system has reached the point where it can be used to augment both targeted and multimodality therapy for sarcoma.

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JournalCurrent opinion in oncology
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StatePublished - Jul 2013


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  • cancer immunotherapy
  • cancer vaccines
  • dendritic cells
  • sarcoma

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