K. H. Weil, L. W. Jones, W. E. Winsche, K. C. Hoffman, F. J. Salzano, R. G. Murray, R. J. Schoeppel, C. L. Gray, Michael R. Swain, R. R. Adt, H. Sorensen, W. J D Escher

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Following is the list of titles and authors of papers given during the session on Hydrogen Energy Systems: Session 2. Hydrogben I. C. Engine - Its Origins and Future in the Emerging Energy-Transportation-Environment System. By K. H. Weil. Liquid Hydrogen as a Fuel for Motor Vehicles: A Comparison with Other Systems. By L. W. Jones. Economics of Hydrogen Fuel for Transportation and Other Residental Application. By W. E. Winsche, K. C. Hoffman and F. J. Salzano. Hydrogen Engine in Perspective. By R. G. Murray, R. J. Schoeppel and C. L. Gray. Hydrogen-Air Fueled Automobile. By M. R. Swain and R. R. Adt. Boston Reformed Fuel Car - A Low Pollution Gasoline Fuel System for Internal Combustion Engines. By H. Sorensen. On the Higher Energy Form of Water (H//2O) in Automotive Vehicle Advanced Power Systems. By W. J. D. Escher.

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StatePublished - 1973
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