Hospital preference of laparoscopic versus open appendectomy: Effects on outcomes in simple and complicated appendicitis

Jun Tashiro, Stephanie A. Einstein, Eduardo Perez, Steven N. Bronson, David S. Lasko, Juan E Sola

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Purpose: We hypothesize that laparoscopic (LA) or open appendectomy (OA) outcomes are associated with hospital procedure preference. Methods: We queried Kids' Inpatient Database (1997-2009) for simple (ICD-9-CM 540.9) and complicated (540.0, 540.1) appendicitis. Results: On PS-matched analysis of simple appendicitis (91,118 LA vs. 97,496 OA), LA had increased transfusion (1.7) rates, but lower wound infection (0.6) and perforation/laceration (0.3) rates. LA had shorter length of stay (LOS; 1.7 vs. 2.1. days), but higher total charges (TC; 19,501 vs. 13,089 USD) and cost (7121 vs. 5968) vs. OA. For complicated appendicitis (28,793 LA vs. 30,782 OA), LA had increased nausea/vomiting rates (1.9), but lower wound infection (0.5) and transfusion (0.6) rates. LA had shorter LOS (5.1 vs. 5.9), but higher TC (32,251 vs. 28,209).MVA demonstrated shorter LOS (0.9) for LA at laparoscopic-preferring hospitals vs. open-preferring hospitals for simple appendicitis. For complicated appendicitis, higher complication rates (1.1) were associated with OA at laparoscopic-preferring hospitals. Laparoscopic-preferring hospitals had higher TC in all categories. Conclusion: Complications and resource utilization for appendicitis are associated with surgical technique and hospital procedure preference. Laparoscopic-preferring hospitals had higher complication rates with OA for complicated appendicitis and higher charges regardless of appendectomy technique or appendicitis type.Level of Evidence: 2c, Outcomes Research.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of Pediatric Surgery
StateAccepted/In press - Jan 26 2016


  • Appendectomy
  • Outcomes research

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