Vysokomolekuliarnye formy GTP-sviazyvaiushchikh reguliatornykh belkov iz mozzhechka byka.

Translated title of the contribution: High molecular weight forms of GTP-binding regulatory proteins from the bovine cerebellum

V. L. Voeǐkov, A. N. Pronin, V. Z. Slepak, A. N. Chestukhin, A. B. Shlenskiǐ

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A new form of a low Km GTPase belonging to the family of regulatory GTP-binding G-proteins has been identified in bovine cerebellum. The molecular weight of this G-protein is several times as high as that of other G-proteins known to be alpha beta gamma heterotrimers: i. e., Gs, Gi, Go, transducin and a new G-protein which had recently been isolated in our laboratory from bovine cerebellum. The high molecular weight G-protein is stable against dissociation; its molecular mass does not change after treatment with DTT, colchicine and NaF. Using antibodies against the alpha-subunit of the formerly isolated cerebellar G-protein and the transducin beta-subunit, it was demonstrated that the both immunoreactive subunits are present in the high molecular weight G-protein. The two forms of the cerebellar G-proteins, i. e., "high" and "low molecular weight" ones, differ drastically in terms of the Mg2+ effect on their GTPase activity. Whereas at submicromolar concentrations of Mg2+ the GTPase activity of the former is virtually absent, the GTPase activity of the latter is more elevated in the presence of EDTA than in the presence of Mg2+.

Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)1766-1769
Number of pages4
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1 1987
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Voeǐkov, V. L., Pronin, A. N., Slepak, V. Z., Chestukhin, A. N., & Shlenskiǐ, A. B. (1987). Vysokomolekuliarnye formy GTP-sviazyvaiushchikh reguliatornykh belkov iz mozzhechka byka. Biokhimiya, 52(11), 1766-1769.