Geothermal state of Hole 504B: ODP Leg 111 overview

R. Gable, R. H. Morin, K. Becker

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A series of temperature logs has been obtained during five legs over a time span of almost 8 yr, documenting the geothermal and hydrologic state of the oceanic crust in this region. Immediately following reentry at the onset of ODP Leg 111 operations, a high-resolution temperature probe was lowered into the borehole and a precise record of temperature vs. depth in Hole 504B was recorded down to 1300 mbsf. Conductive heatflow estimates depict a systematic reduction with depth, ranging from approximately 196 mW/m2 in the sediments to 120 ± 17 mW/m2 at 1300 mbsf. A fluid instability analysis indicated the likely existence of convection cells within the borehole and substantiated the hypothesis of mixing with the borehole postulated from isotopic and chemical studies of borehole waters. However, such mixing of borehole fluids does not provide an adequate explanation for the heatflow variations, and the disparity between surficial and deep values of heat flow remains unresolved. -from Authors

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StatePublished - 1989
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