GCV/VCVG prophylaxis against CMV DNAemia in pediatric renal transplant patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Brandon Chatani, Wendy Glaberson, Zsuzsanna Nemeth, Leonardo Tamariz, Ivan A. Gonzalez

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CMV disease continues to stand as a significant threat to the longevity of renal transplants in children. More pediatric recipients are CMV-negative with CMV-positive donor serologies resulting in a HR mismatch. The length of prophylaxis with GCV or VGCV required to optimally prevent recurrence of CMVDNAemia remains unknown. This study is a meta-analysis comparing GCV/VGCV prophylaxis regimens provided for <6 months, from 6 to <12 months, and ≥12 months after transplant in order to prevent CMVDNAemia. The search conducted involved PubMed, EMBASE, ISI Web of Science, and Cochrane Central Register from inception through December 2017. Search terms Kidney Transplantation, CMV, GCV, and VGCV provided 204 studies for abstract review. Studies excluded were those which did not itemize pediatric data separately, single case reports, and duplicate studies. Pooled analysis of five retrospective studies and one prospective study identified that there is no statistically significant difference in the incidence of CMV DNAemia when comparing <6 months of prophylaxis and >12 months of prophylaxis (23% and 15%, respectively, P = 0.23). Regardless of the length of prophylaxis, there was no statistical difference in the incidence of CMV DNAemia in the HR patients (6 to <12 months vs <6 months, P = 0.62; 6 to <12 months vs ≥12 months, P = 0.78; ≥12 months vs <6 months, P = 0.83). This study identifies no optimal length of prophylaxis for HR mismatch pediatric renal transplant patients as many develop CMV DNAemia.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere13514
JournalPediatric Transplantation
Issue number6
StatePublished - 2019


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  • pediatric kidney transplantation
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