Florida ADs and homologous reproduction

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Kanter's (Men and women of the corporation, Basic Books, New York, 1977) proposition that those in control within organizations sustain their dominance through homologous reproduction was first applied to sport by [Knoppers, Quest 39(1):9-22, 1987]. Applying the construct to interscholastic athletics in Ohio (Stangl and Kane, Sociol Sport J 8:47-60, 1991) and in Texas (Lovett and Lowry, J Sport Manage 8:27-35, 1994) researchers were able to provide a theoretical foundation to support the anecdotal "good old boys network" which prevailed in high school athletics. This study conducted in Florida determined that while sport remained a male dominated institution, homologous reproduction did not appear to be the factor sustaining the current organizational structure within interscholastic athletic departments.

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StatePublished - Sep 1 2007


  • Gende rinequity
  • Homologous reproduction
  • Interscholastic athletics

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