Fertility, Cardiac, and Orthopedic Challenges in Survivors of Adult and Childhood Sarcoma

Emma R. Lipshultz, Ginger E. Holt, Ranjith Ramasamy, Raphael Yechieli, Steven E. Lipshultz

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The combination of cisplatin, doxorubicin, and methotrexate was established as the standard backbone of contemporary osteosarcoma therapy in 1986. Since then, however, further improving the survival of patients with osteosarcoma has been challenging-30% to 40% of patients with osteosarcoma still die of this disease. In addition, these patients often experience loss of fertility at a young age, short- and long-term treatment-related cardiotoxicity, and adverse orthopedic effects from surgical resection of the tumor or endoprosthetic reconstructions. Cancer treatment often markedly increases the risk of infertility later in life, causing many patients substantial distress and regret. Sperm banking and oocyte cryopreservation are standard of care and should be available to all at-risk patients. Newer techniques, such as autologous gonadal tissue transplant for prepubertal children, are being developed, and newer systemic agents have infertility risk profiles that remain undefined and warrant further study. Cost and access remain barriers to these options. The late effects of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity are also increasingly a problem for these patients. These effects are often progressive and can be disabling. Adding dexrazoxane to doxorubicin therapy significantly reduces the risk for most adverse cardiac outcomes without compromising the efficacy of induction chemotherapy. Limb salvage surgery remains the standard of care for treatment in the majority of patients with extremity sarcomas. Modular metal prostheses and allograft reconstructions comprised the majority of surgical procedures for limb salvage surgery. The most common mechanism of failure of these implants is infection and mechanical failure of the implant.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)799-806
Number of pages8
JournalAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology educational book. American Society of Clinical Oncology. Annual Meeting
StatePublished - 2017

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