Alla mensa dei poeti burleschi: Parodia letteraria e interpretazione di culture

Translated title of the contribution: Feasting with burlesque poets: Literary parody and interpretation of cultures

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One of the most interesting examples of interpretation and 'contamination' of cultures is the "food discourse" found abundantly in 16 th century literature. Part of the burlesque poetry of the time in fact employed the language of food and cuisine to humorously parody the prevailing literary genres and traditions, bringing the classic authorities and contemporary authors down to the most prosaic level of everyday life. The article dwells upon several works by Giulio Cesare Croce, Francesco Berni and Giovanni Mauro, drawing attention to a literary production in which the noble and the humble, the classic and the popular, the cultured and the mundane intersect and mix creatively.

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JournalActa Histriae
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StatePublished - 2009



  • Banquet
  • Burlesque poetry
  • Feast
  • Food discourse
  • Food imagery
  • Literary parody

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