Extensive 'bleaching' and death of reef corals on the Pacific coast of Panama.

P. W. Glynn

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Recent 'bleaching' and death of hermatypic (reef building) corals has occurred extensively in Pacific Ocean waters of Panama (Gulf of Chiriqui), near the Panama-Costa Rica border. All hydrocorals (Millepora spp.) and scleractinian corals (5 genera) have been affected to some degree in the non-upwelling environment of Chiriqui. The most susceptible corals were Millepora spp. (no living colonies could be found by the end of April 1983), followed by Pocillopora spp. and then 'massive' corals (Porites spp., Pavona spp., Gardineroseris planulata). No causative agent has yet been identified.-from Author

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1983

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