Expression of the PRC II avian sarcoma virus genome

B. Adkins, T. Hunter, K. Beemon

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We found that the genomic RNA of the replication-defective avian sarcoma virus PRC II was 4.0 kilobases long. A Northern blot analysis of the viral RNAs present in PRC II-transformed cells showed that the PRC II genome was expressed as a single 4.0 kilobase mRNA species. In vitro translation of polyadenylic acid-containing 70S virion RNA yielded two highly related proteins of 110,000 and 105,000 daltons (P110 and P105), which were synthesized from messenger activity that sedimented as expected for the 4.0 kilobase PRC II genome (at 25 to 27S). P110 and P105 were identified as in vitro translation products of the PRC II genome by immunoprecipitation and tryptic peptide mapping and were the only PRC II-specific polypeptides detected by in vitro synthesis. In addition, we found that immune complexes prepared from PRC II 70S virion RNA in vitro translation products contained a tyrosine-specific protein kinase activity. A comparison of the in vitro- and in vivo-synthesized proteins revealed that PRC II-transformed cells also contained 110,000- and 105,000-dalton proteins, which were indistinguishable from in vitro-synthesized P110 and P105 by electrophoretic mobility and tryptic peptide analysis. Both P110 and P105 were present in producer cells and in seven individual nonproducer clones. A pulse chase analysis showed that P105 was the primary translation product of the PRC II genome and that P110 was derived from P105 by post-translational modification. Under conditions of long-term labeling with [35S]methionine, P110 and P105 were present in a molar ratio of approximately 1:1. These results indicated that the transformation-specific product of the PRC II genome, previously referred to as a single component (P105), actually consists of two polypeptides related by post-translational modification.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)767-780
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JournalJournal of virology
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1982
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