Ethical use of new technologies: where do Indian journalists stand?

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While the study of the ethical use of new technologies in journalistic work is imperative given the widespread use of such technology, such studies are few and far between, particularly for the developing world.This paper provides results of an exploratory, qualitative study of Indian journalists' views about the ethical use of new computer and Internet-based technologies for news gathering and reporting in India.New digital technology was widely accessible to the respondents, but not all journalists were given the tools by their employers.Opinions about ethical news practices using new technology were mixed and revealed a few grey areas.English language national newspapers tended to indicate that their standards were strict and that ethical violations, exacerbated by new technology, occurred mostly in vernacular newspapers.On the whole, respondents had not heard often of other organizations or individuals committing unethical practices such as plagiarism and lack of attribution using new technology.Still, some beliefs indicated uncertainty about ethical practice or breach of ethical principles.The findings of this study have implications for journalism education and on-the-job training of Indian journalists, as well as for formulating ethical codes of journalism, particularly with regard to new media.Indian codes focus more on the roles journalists should play in society and do not provide very specific tactical guidance for everyday news gathering.Coupled with lack of training, this creates a situation where perceptions about journalistic ethics are sometimes vague and variant.

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