Equivalence of NCk and ACk - 1 closures of NP and other classes

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Gottlob (1993, in “Proceedings, 34th IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science," pp. 42-51) showed that any set recognized by polynomial-size, log-depth trees with queries to SAT is ≤ptt-reducible to NP. Based on his technique, it is shown for any set A and any k ≥ 1 that NCk (A) ⊆ ACk - 1(RNPctt(A)) where RNPctt(A) is the ≤NPctt-closure of A. As a consequence, it is shown for any class C that is closed under ≤NPctt-reductions, such as NP and C=P, and for any k ≥ 1 that NCk(C) = ACk - 1 (C), which resolves a question that has remained open for a long time.

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