Pyélonéphrite emphysémateuse: Diagnostic radiologique

Translated title of the contribution: Emphysematous pyelonephritis: Radiologic diagnosis

M. I. Kably, F. Elamraoui, N. Chikhaoui

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Emphysematous pyelonephritis (EPN) is a rare and severe form of acute pyelonephritis. Escherichia coli accounts for 60% of the cases. Predisposing factors are: diabetus mellitus, recent urinary tract infection and obstruction. There is a female predominance (2/1). Conventional radiography reveals the renal emphysema in 85% of the cases. Ultrasonography shows hyperechoic areas corresponding to the gaz. CT scan is the best technique, allowing the exact localization of the gaz inside the renal parenchyma. The natural course of the disease allows its radiologic classification in 4 grades. EPN has a poor prognosis if only a medical treatement is initiated. Every urinary tract infection, in a diabetic patient must be treated, and must lead to a radiologic exploration, which allows an early detection of severe forms of the disease.

Translated title of the contributionEmphysematous pyelonephritis: Radiologic diagnosis
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)229-232
Number of pages4
JournalAnnales d'Urologie
Issue number5
StatePublished - Oct 2003


  • Diabetus mellitus
  • Emphysematous pyelonephritis
  • Urinary tract infection

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