Effects of extended high frequency bandwidth in osseointegrated bone conduction device users

Hillary A. Snapp, Brianna Kuzbyt

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High-frequency hearing above 5000 Hz improves the detection and discrimination of high frequency phonemes. Improved access to high-frequency hearing may be particularly advantageous in unilaterally deafened listeners who experience reduced access to high frequency speech cues on their impaired side and decreased speech perception abilities in competing noise. This study aimed to investigate the effects of extended high-frequency bandwidth on speech perception in unilaterally deafened osseointegrated bone conduction hearing device recipients. To study the effect of extended high-frequency bandwidth, participants underwent aided testing in narrow bandwidth and extended high-frquency bandwidth BCD listening conditions. Aided word and phoneme recognition in quiet was assessed at soft and conversational speech levels with the better ear plugged. Aided thresholds and Ling 6 phoneme sounds were also assessed in quiet with the better ear plugged. Speech perception in noise was assessed at ± 90° and co-located at 0° using the adaptive Hearing in Noise Test. Findings demonstrate a significant improvement in speech perception outcomes when listening with extended high-frequency bandwidth. Extended high-frequency bandwidth significantly improved word and phoneme recognition for soft and average conversational speech. The largest effects were observed for voiceless phonemes. Results suggest use of bone conduction devices with extended high-frequency bandwidth result in improved hearing outcomes when compared with narrow bandwidth bone conduction devices.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number108379
JournalHearing Research
StateAccepted/In press - 2021


  • Abbreviations: BCD: Bone conduction device
  • Baha
  • bandwidth
  • bone conduction device
  • CNC: Consonant-nucleus-consonant
  • dB: Decibel
  • EBW: Extended high-frequency bandwidth
  • high-frequency
  • HINT: Hearing in Noise Test
  • NBW: Narrow bandwidth
  • osseointegrated implant
  • RAU: Rationalized arcsine units
  • single-sided deafness
  • SNR: Signal-to-noise ratio
  • speech-in-noise
  • SSD: Single-sided deafness

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  • Sensory Systems


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