Effect of Severing the Check Ligaments and Intermuscular Membranes on Medial Rectus Recessions in Infantile Esotropia

David S. Friendly, Edward S. Parelhoff, Craig A. McKeown

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Background: The effect of severing the check ligaments and intermuscular membranes on the dose-response curve for medial rectus recessions in patients with infantile esotropia has not been previously studied by randomized assignment techniques using contemporary control and experimental groups and masked precautions. Methods: A prospective study of 101 patients was performed over an 8-year period. Patients were randomly assigned to either augmented or nonaugmented groups. In the former group, the medial check ligaments and intermuscular membranes were severed; in the latter group, no surgery was performed on the medial check ligaments or intermuscular membranes. Patients were postoperatively evaluated by an observer masked to group assignment. Results: No difference in response to surgery was observed between the two groups at the time of evaluation, which took place, on average, 6 to 7 months after surgery. Conclusion: Severing the check ligaments and intermuscular membranes on patients with infantile esotropia undergoing medial rectus recessions does not appear to affect the dose- response curve.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1993


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