Effect of Enzyme Deactivation on Substrate Conversion in Fixed‐ and Fluid‐Bed Reactors Influence of Enzyme Microheterogeneity


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In an earlier paper, we presented a simple model to describe the behavior of a microheterogeneous enzyme undergoing first-order deactivation. This report looks at the behavior of such a heterogeneous enzyme in fixed- and fluid-bed reactors. Our studies indicate that microheterogeneity does influence deactivation behavior even when present in small quantities. However, the models presented should be used with caution. For instance, a stabilizing effect as seen with microheterogeneity can be caused by other factors such as preparative/immobilization procedures, chemical effects, etc. Therefore, these models and the conclusions should be used only if physical evidence of microheterogeneity is seen in an enzyme sample.

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JournalAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences
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StatePublished - Dec 1988
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