Effect of early initiation of intravenous lipid administration on the incidence and severity of chronic lung disease in premature infants

Ilene R.S. Sosenko, Maria Rodriguez-Pierce, Eduardo Bancalari

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Objective: To investigate whether intravenous administration of lipid nutrition (intralipid) within 12 hours of birth to ventilator-dependent premature infants would decrease the incidence or severity, or both, of chronic lung disease. Method: We randomly assigned 133 infants to intralipid or control groups, using two weight strata: 42 intralipid versus 37 control subjects in the 600 to 800 gm stratum, and 28 intralipid versus 26 control subjects in the 801 to 1000 gm stratum. The intralipid group received 20% intralipid at <12 hours after birth, starting at a dose of 0.5 gm/kg and increasing to a maximum of 1.5 gm/kg, maintained through day 7. Control infants received no lipid until after day 7. Neither group received enteral feedings until after day 7. Results: No significant differences in mortality rates were present in the total population (23/70=32.9% vs 16/63=25.4%; p=0.35, intralipid vs control); however, the mortality rate increased significantly in 600 to 800 gm infants receiving intralipid versus the control infants (20/41=47.5% vs 9/37=24.3%; p=0.032). No significant differences were found in the number of infants in whom chronic lung disease developed (requiring oxygen for ≥28 days), proportion requiring oxygen for ≥60 days, number of survivors without chronic lung disease, or total oxygen and ventilation requirements. However, 600 to 800 gm infants receiving intralipid had significantly more pulmonary hemorrhage, and greater numbers of infants receiving intralipid in both weight categories required supplemental oxygen at day 7. The incidence of other complications of prematurity, time required to regain birth weight, and duration of hospital stay did not differ between groups. Conclusion: Intralipid administration initiated at <12 hours after birth failed to protect very low birth weight premature infants from chronic lung disease. Some of the results raise questions about possible deleterious effects of intralipid when administered early in the first week of life.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)975-982
Number of pages8
JournalThe Journal of Pediatrics
Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 1993

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