Educating reason: Rationality, critical thinking, and education

Harvey Siegel

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Three considerations have conspired to bring about this book. First, there is the hue and cry - from a number of national commissions on education and from a variety of educationists- concerning the need to move away from rote memorization and an emphasis on information acquisition, and to incorporate critical thinking (or analytical thinking, or logical thinking, or reasoning) into the curriculum. Second, there is the growing "Informal Logic Movement," a movement which emphasizes the alleged weaknesses of formal logic, and the alleged strengths of informal logic and critical thinking, for the curriculum. Finally, there is the widely shared conviction, which I strongly endorse, that contemporary philosophy of education suffers from a stultifying misconception of "analysis" according to which deep philosophical questions concerning values and the aims of education are somehow off-limits. This misconception is seen, by me and many others, to have bred a barren and boring corpus of work in contemporary analytic philosophy of education. To escape the misconception is to re-open the possibility of conducting a worthwhile, technically competent philosophical inquiry into the aims of education. This is the task taken on in what follows.

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StatePublished - Sep 27 2013

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