Drug program evaluation: Outcome measures

John W. Murphy

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The Client Oriented Data Acquisition Process, more commonly known by the acronym client oriented data acquisition (CODAP), is the management information system used by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to collect information on clients entering and leaving federally funded drug treatment programs. The CODAP discharge form that is completed on every client discharged from a NIDA funded drug program specifies nine possible reasons for which a client might be discharged from a drug program. Anyone who has ever worked in a drug abuse program, however, knows that many clients come into treatment and change their lives drastically. What these clients needed was the supportive environment which a drug program can and does provide. In order to supplement the present criterion of “successful discharge” for program evaluation in drug abuse treatment, the following model might be employed for the purpose of charting a client’s movement through a treatment regimen.

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