Distribution of Ly-6C on Lymphocyte Subsets I. Influence of Allotype on T Lymphocyte Expression

Annette J. Schlueter, Thomas R. Malek, Colette N. Hostetler, Peter A. Smith, Peter DeVries, Thomas J. Waldschmidt

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The expression patterns of the Ly-6C Ag were examined on splenic and thymic lymphocyte subsets of Ly-6.1 and Ly-6.2 strains of mice using the rat mAb 15.1. Ly-6C is expressed on subsets of CD4+ and CD8+ splenocytes, and a portion of NK cells. Within the splenic and lymph node CD4+ T cell compartment, Ly-6C expression is restricted to Ly-6.2 strains of mice, and is present on a subset of naive cells. Ly-6C is expressed on the majority of peripheral CD8+ T cells in both Ly-6.1 and Ly-6.2 strains, and is found primarily on the Ag-experienced subset. In the thymus, Ly-6C is present on subpopulations of CD4-CD8+, CD4-CD8-, and CD4+CD8- cells. Ly-6C+CD4-CD8+ thymocytes show a mature phenotype, while Ly-6C+CD4-CD8- and Ly-6C+CD4+CD8- thymocytes appear to be part of the recently described NK1.1+ αβ TCR+ population. On account of the marked differences in Ly-6C expression on peripheral CD4+ T cells from Ly-6.1 and Ly-6.2 strains of mice, additional experiments were undertaken to assess Ly-6C expression in parental and Ly-6.1 × Ly-6.2 F1 mice. Neither phenotype dominated in the F1 offspring, with frequencies of Ly-6C+CD4+ splenocytes falling in the intermediate range. Further experiments compared the staining patterns of the rat anti-pan Ly-6C (Ly-6.1 and Ly-6.2) Ab with a mouse anti-Ly-6.2 allotype specific Ab, with emphasis on both Ly-6.2 and Ly-6.1 × Ly-6.2 F1 mice. The results demonstrate the presence of lymphocytes that express the pan form of Ly-6C but not the form recognized by the alloantibody. This latter finding suggests the presence of more than one form of the Ly-6C Ag.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)4211-4222
Number of pages12
JournalJournal of Immunology
Issue number9
StatePublished - May 1 1997

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