Direct force measurements of the streptavidin-biotin interaction

Joyce Wong, Ashutosh Chilkoti, Vincent T. Moy

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The interaction between streptavidin and its ligand, biotin, were studied by direct force measurements. The complimentary approaches of surface force apparatus (SFA) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) were used to elucidate both long-range and short-range adhesive interactions of the streptavidin-biotin interaction. The high spatial resolution of the SFA provided a detailed profile of the intersurface forces of apposing surfaces functionalized with streptavidin and biotin. Measurements obtained by the SFA corresponded to long and intermediate-range forces that are important in determining ligand-receptor association. AFM was used to measure the unbinding force of individual streptavidin-biotin complexes. These measurements revealed the short-range interactions (i.e. hydrophobic and hydrogen bonding forces) that stabilize the intermolecular bond. Copyright (C) 1999 Elsevier Science B.V.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)45-55
Number of pages11
JournalBiomolecular Engineering
Issue number1-4
StatePublished - Dec 31 1999


  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Streptavidin
  • Surface force aparatus

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