Diffuse Lewy body disease: Clinical, pathological, and neuropsychological review

Cheryl A. Luis, Wiley Mittenberg, Carlton S. Gass, Ranjan Duara

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The pathophysiological etiologies and clinical presentations of neurodegenerative dementias have been found to be complex and heterogeneous. Recently, Lewy body inclusions have been identified as an etiological factor in 20-34% of autopsied dementia cases. The term diffuse Lewy body disease (DLBD) is generally accepted as the diagnostic term representative of this currently under-reported and under-recognized disease. This article reviews the literature on the clinical, pathological, and neuropsychological features of this disorder. Differential diagnostic issues are discussed as well as current pharmacological treatment. Nine confirmed cases of DLBD are presented to demonstrate the various features of this disorder. The diagnostic implications of neuropsychological examination results are discussed in relation to other common dementing neurologic diseases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)137-150
Number of pages14
JournalNeuropsychology Review
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1999


  • Dementia
  • Diffuse Lewy body disease
  • Lewy bodies
  • Neurodegenerative disease

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  • Clinical Psychology


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