Dietary supplementation on quality of life in adults

John E. Lewis, Stacy E. Cutrono, Angelica B. Melillo, Eduard Tiozzo, Johanna Lopez, Sarah Adwan, Lawrence Chen, Susanna Leonard, Mark Howell, Janelle Diaz, Judi M. Woolger, Janet Konefal, Elaine Paterson, David Barnes

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Background: Declining quality of life (QOL) is increasingly prevalent among the elderly. Certain nutrients may be effective at improving QOL. Objective: The purpose of this clinical trial was to evaluate (a) Ginkgo Synergy® and Choline and (b) OPC Synergy® and Catalyn,® compared to placebo, on QOL among healthy older adults. Design: Participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups and followed for 6 months. Outcomes included quality of life, depression, and anxiety. Results: The Ginkgo Synergy® and Choline arm showed significant improvements on vitality and depressive symptoms. Conclusion: Our study showed modest effects of a ginkgo biloba and choline-based formula on QOL and mental health. However, the results of the study may not be generalizable to the entire population of healthy older adults, as our sample was predominantly white, non-Hispanic, and well-educated.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)25-31
Number of pages7
JournalAgro Food Industry Hi-Tech
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2014
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  • Depressive symptoms
  • Dietary supplementation
  • Elderly adults
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Quality of life

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  • Food Science
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


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