Cytogenetic studies of four human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines

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G-banded karyotypes were analyzed on four human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines, AGZY83-a, LTEP-a1, LTEP-a2, and GLC-82. More than 50 cells were counted and 20-40 cells were karyotyped for each cell line at different passages. The chromosome numbers of cell line AGZY83-a, LTEP-a1, LTEP-a2, and GLC-82 were 53-69, 100-110, 51-56, and 61-63, respectively. Each cell line had a number of markers involving complex chromosome rearrangements. Chromosomal analysis at different passages showed the stability of these cell lines in vitro. It was revealed that the marker chromosomes involving deletions or rearrangements of the short arm of chromosome #1 were present in all the four cell lines with breakpoints at 1p12-1p22.

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JournalCancer Genetics and Cytogenetics
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StatePublished - Jun 1987
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