Cyst of the seminal vesicle

Norman L Block

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The world literature on seminal vesicle cysts is reviewed (21 cases; table) and an additional case is reported (male aged 30). The diagnosis is made by palpation, vasography and biopsy. Extensive surgical dissections are less indicated now than formerly. Malignant degeneration in seminal vesicle cyst has been described by Mokhart and Meshcheryakova (1963). These cysts may be found between the bladder wall and the rectum and cephalad to the prostate; they may be quite adherent to the perineum, pelvic floor, bladder, trigone, or rectum. All but 2 of the cysts reported were unilocular and contained as much as 5000 cc of fluid. The walls are 3 to 5 mm thick and composed of fibrous or fibromuscular tissue with few nuclei and with a mild to moderate inflammatory infiltrate. The inner surface usually shows either transitional, stratified, or flattened cuboidal epithelium, and is occasionally necrotic. 3 Cases, including the present one, have been lined by normal seminal vesicle epithelium. No calcification has been previously reported. It was found in the present case, however.

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