Contact karate promotes post-exercise hypotension in young adult males

Marcelo Magalhaes Sales, Caio Victor de Sousa, Wellington Barbosa Sampaio, Carlos Ernesto, Rodrigo Alberto Vieira Browne, Jose Fernando Vila Nova de Moraes, Daisy Motta-Santos, Milton Rocha Moraes, John Eugene Lewis, Herbert Gustavo Sim�es, Francisco Martins da Silva

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Background: Worldwide, systemic arterial hypertension is a leading cause of death and non-communicable cardiovascular disease. A major factor contributing to this disease is a sedentary lifestyle. However, physical exercise, such as martial arts, may be an option for blood pressure (BP) control. The magnitude of post-exercise hypotension is associated with a prolonged decrease in BP in normotensive and hypertensive individuals. Objectives: The present study aimed to verify the effects of a Contact Karate (CK) session on BP responses during a post-exercise recovery period in young adults. Patients and Methods: Thirty-two male CK athletes volunteered (28.2�6.7 years; 77.0�5.7 kg; and 176.0�4.7 cm) and underwent one CK session (50 minutes) and a control session in which no exercise was performed and the individuals remain seated during the whole time. BP was measured during rest (before sessions), as well as on the 15th, 30th, 45th, and 60th minutes of the post-exercise recovery. Results: The systolic (SBP), diastolic (DBP), and mean arterial pressure (MAP) were significantly lower at the post-exercise period compared to pre-exercise rest (P < 0.05), with the largest reductions being observed at the 60th minutes of recovery [SBP (rest: 125.9 �4.7 vs. 60th minutes of recovery: 111.7�5.4 mmHg); DBP (rest: 78.8�.7 vs. 60th minutes of recovery: 69.8�2.7 mmHg)] and at the same periods of post-exercise recovery of the control session. Conclusions: A single CK session can promote a decrease in BP for at least 60 minutes after performing this type of exercise in young adults.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere33850
JournalAsian Journal of Sports Medicine
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 2016


  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Fighting sports
  • Health promotion
  • Martial arts

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