Conjunctival cytology features of giant papillary conjunctivitis associated with ocular prostheses

Warren J. Chang, David T. Tse, Robert H. Rosa, Andrew Huang, Thomas E. Johnson, Joyce Schiffman

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Purpose: In this study, the conjunctival cytology features of giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) associated with ocular prosthesis wear was examined. Methods: In a prospective study, 12 consecutive patients diagnosed with GPC associated with ocular prosthesis wear were examined. Impression cytology specimens were taken from the upper eyelid tarsal conjunctiva, the bulbar conjunctiva, and the lower eyelid tarsal conjunctiva of each socket, with the contralateral eye serving as a matched control. Results: The randomized impression cytology specimens showed no significant change in goblet cell density or epithelial cell morphology when comparing the GPC and control specimens. The GPC specimens did have a statistically significant increase in conjunctival inflammation and mucous strands on all three sample areas. In addition, the GPC specimens from the upper and lower tarsal conjunctiva had a honeycomb pattern consistent with giant papillae. Conclusions: This is the first report to describe the honeycomb pattern created by giant papillae on impression cytology and the changes of GPC on the lower tarsal conjunctiva.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)39-45
Number of pages7
JournalOphthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2005


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